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The reasons that draw each of us towards the camera and image creation may be similar, or they may be completely different. However, these two situations have a common denominator. Photography waits for no one. A portrait that I left pending, influenced by a procrastination stemming from the certainty that nothing is likely to change in the immediate future. It was the cause for me to feel on my skin, the above "axiom" which I inspired, for myself.


Football UNITED is an ongoing personal project that reflects my love for football. I see football not only as a sport but also as an entertainment and as common language between people outside of the stadiums and apart from millions of contradictions. There, where every street can be a stadium. In my opinion, football is one of the most popular sports because it enables everyone to play regardless of their weight, education, social class and origin. Football is the definition of collaboration an

"Open Veins"

The title of the project is inspired by the book by author, journalist and poet Eduardo Galeano, "The Open Veins of Latin America."

"Moria's Bakery"

Moria is a small village on the island of Lesvos where in recent years it has become known throughout Europe as one of the most difficult places for a person to live. Thousands of lives of migrants and refugees are being housed in the "hospitality" camp set up there in the old camp. Next to the village with the few inhabitants to experience its difficulties.


For more than a year, I am working on refugees-migrants residing in Greece. I decided to follow their steps at Belgrade and Subotica (March, 2017) and examine the evolution of their travel. Thus, I named my story "Nest", inspired from migratory birds and the nests they build on their way to warmer places.

"Working Class Heroes"

On November 2016 I made a trip to Cuba. My aim was to investigate the labor conditions and the way of life in this country. Many is said and even more is written about the mysterious life of this socialist society. I travelled for a month throught the island, talking to people and learning about their working conditions. I discovered that it is about a country that despite the fact that it has reduced to the minimum possible the number of the analphabets -in relation to the rest of Latin America

"Abandoned ships wanderer lives"

The project i’m working on for the past year is called «Abandoned ships wanderer lives». Based on the portraits of people and the vessels they used for their journey towards a better future. Those lifeless boats carried thousands of living souls of refugees to the coastlines of Greece, which are the passage for their journey to central and northern Europe. Xenophobia is a reflective reaction of human beings towards the unknown. In this particular case, the “unknown” comes in the form of human b

"Normal Saline"

I named this series "Normal Saline". Inspired by the doctors because in the most of the incidents, the first thing that they do to a patient is to give him normal saline.

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