Born in 1985 and raised in Athens. Completed my studies at Piraeus University of Applied Science department of Automation Engineering in 2012 and at the same time got involved with photography. Since then, I have been entirely devoted to photojournalism and documentary photography. From September 2017 to August 2019 I collaborated with the Greek newspaper "ETHNOS". Αlongside, on December 2018 after I succeed placement exams I started my studies at the University of west Attica/Department of Photography and Audiovisual arts.
Inspired by the daily struggle for survival of the human race, within the social conditions imposed, highlighting people’s sentimental background and thoughts. Capturing Athens during the years of financial crisis and entry points in Greece during refugee crisis, have been my starting professional stories as a freelance photojournalist.

Whenever I shoot on commission, I concentrate on capturing the reality of the story or of what happens if it concerns news.
Whenever I shoot for myself, I focus on expressing my feelings, my personal view.
The common point of both contexts in my effort is to stimulate the watcher’s consciousness. To give them answers but also to ask questions.